Auto Heroes Event - Mondello Park, Ireland

Auto Heroes

Auto Heroes takes place monthly at the Mondello Park in Ireland, and it offers car enthusiasts a chance to enjoy what the motorsports world has to offer. There is quite a variety in play which enables everyone to find something which interests them. So let's see what categories are featured:

The Drifting Category

Drifting category at Auto Heroes Event

Drifting is a practice that has gained popularity over the years, so much so that the Irish Drift Championship attracted more than half a million people in 2015. As such, many people have an interest in learning how to drift but are unsure of how to do so without getting hurt. In this car show, you get a chance to practice your skills without being under competition pressure, thus allowing you to have lots of fun. Worry not if you have few skills in this field as the classes are in the categories pro, advanced and beginner.


Grip at Auto Heroes

This session will enable you to push your car to the limits and have fun while doing so. For people who are new to the track, this session is a great way to familiarize yourself with the workings of racing. As there is no strict schedule to follow, drivers get to work on being comfortable on the track which gives them the confidence to take part in other classes.


Freestyle at Mondello Park - Auto Heroes Event

If you are up for some competition, this gymkhana session allows you to challenge other drivers and go head-to-head with them. For people who are looking to show off their stunt skills, the freestyle session allows them to put on a show for a cheering crowd.

Hard parking

Hard Parking category at Auto Heroes

It could be that you are not interested in driving and you would prefer to show off your machine. There is a session where people line up their cars and win awards in various categories.

As such, no matter your preference, you will have something fun to do at this event, which has led to its fame over time.