O’Connell Bridge Performance Zone

Bavaria City Racing O’Connell Street performance zone is now sold out!

Act now! Make sure you get your tickets for CUSTOMS HOUSE PERFORMANCE ZONE priced at €75.90 (excluding service charge) which includes exclusive access to a dedicated area and a Grand Stand seat, or our F1 PADDOCK tickets where you can rub shoulders with the who’s who of motor sport and get closer to all the F1 and motor sport action! Our outstanding F1 Paddock Tickets are priced at €163.90 (excluding service charge).

Don’t miss your chance to get closer than ever to F1 action! Find out about tickets still available:
Customs House Quay Performance Zone :: F1 Paddock

At Bavaria City Racing we know how to make your Bavaria City Racing Dublin experience totally awesome! Having purchased an O’Connell Street Performance Zone Ticket you will witness F1, WRC, Superbikes, Stunt Drivers, Super Cars, Drifters and more performing exclusive demonstrations for your O’Connell Street performance zone.

Get the closest seats to the action!Each car will drive up from Westmoreland Street, were you will Witness every donut, Smell every wheel spinning burnout, and Feel every ground shaking performance from every single car that takes to our track right in front of your eyes, and guess what we have over 24,800 bhp of pure racing machine madness for you to see!

So don’t stand six deep at the side of the track, sit back and relax in the knowledge that you have the best seat in the house!

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We also know like cars, you need a PIT STOP too! So that’s why we will have the best catering facilities for you to refuel with throughout the day. So from teas to coffees, wraps to steak sandwiches and of course Bavaria beer!
Oh and we will have the posh loo’s for you too!