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Prodrift Series Team confirmed for Bavaria City Racing Dublin

Bavaria City Racing Dublin are delighted to announce that Prodrift will be in attendance at Dublins Bavaria City Racing this June 3rd Bank Holiday weekend. You better hold onto your seats as the Prodrift team wheel be burning up the city streets with some radical sideways action from Irelands top drifting professionals. We can’t wait to see them on June 3rd.

Find out a little bit more on Prodrift and the worlds fastest growing motorsport that is drifting below!

Prodrift Series

Following 6 years of rapid growth, Prodrift quickly established Ireland as Europe’s leading national drift league and the most popular circuit based event in that country with record attendances and participants. Whilst developing the Prodrift National Irish Series, Prodrift teams, management and drivers were constantly reaching into other European territories with high profile drifting demonstrations and competitions.
Drifting is now recognised as the world’s fastest growing motorsport and attracts a uniquely young and affluent audience. Prodrift have taken the original format of a drifting competition and developed a modern entertainment event where live dj’s and mc’s supply the rhythm to an action packed spectacle in front of capacity audiences resulting in the unique atmosphere of a Prodrift Show.

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What is Drifting

Originating in the hills of Japan, drifting can be described as the high speed art of lateral control. Unlike conventional motorsport, drifting does not involve a timing system to determine winners and losers. The object of the discipline is to maintain speed, momentum and acute sideways angles linking a series of curves or corners whilst being judged by a panel of experienced drift experts.
Drifting involves two competitors battling head-to-head in a tournament style knockout system where the driver that remains unbeaten claims victory.


This display of car control is often performed at speeds in excess of 150kph resulting in spectacular sights of highly skilled drivers pushing the boundaries of their cars performance and testing the abilities of extreme car control.
Drifting condenses all the excitement of traditional motorsports into action packed competition unlike anything previously available to a motorsport, or action sport audience. High powered machinery battling head-to-head at frightening speeds, combined with the typical smoke screen emitting from the vehicles rear tyres, has resulted in the enormous success and popularity of drifting competitions. Combined with young and exciting drivers, drifting satisfies all the demands of a modern motorsport audience.